TCW Championships

These are the championship belts that our TCW Superstars & Women compete for to make their way to ultimate glory!  Just click one of the belts below to see championship records!

If you would like to see who the Contenders are please CLICK HERE.

TCW World Heavyweight Championship


The Ultimate Prize in efed Wrestling!  The TCW World Heavyweight Championship is the most sought after championship in our league!  Every superstar dreams to one day hold this title.  However only those brave and strong enough; who shed their blood, sweat & tears are able to to bask in it's glory.

TCW Twitch TV Championship


To represent not only TCW, but the efed & Twitch communities is a big step and responsibility for the ones who hold this prestigious championship.  To hold this title is to have your name forever sketched in the annals of time as one of the greats in efed wrestling!

TCW Women's Championship


The world title for the Women's Division.  To our female superstars this title means as much as the men's World Heavyweight Championship.  With the change in women's wrestling where they are being treated as true competitive athletes.  A title was needed that represents that spirit & drive.  Only the women with the drive to succeed get their hands on this title & are forever sketched in efed history as some of the best women wrestlers ever.

TCW Tag Team Championship


Teamwork, like-mindedness, having each-others back.  Those who work as a unit flawlessly are able to call themselves a true Tag Team!  The TCW Tag Team Championship is only for those who understand what tag team wrestling is really all about!

TCW Women's Tag Team Championship

CURRENT CHAMPION: Adrenaline Junkies

Only the strongest, bravest & most co-operative women can get their hands on this beautiful championship!  The TCW Women's Tag Team Championship is a symbol of teamwork, like-mindedness & a willingness to work together to achieve the ultimate goal to be the best Women's Tag Team in efed wrestling history!